The Missing Piece

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

- Steve Forbes

My Story

I founded The Missing Piece on the basic and core principle of Acceptance….acceptance of self and of others. As an Image Consultant and Personal Branding Coach, I help my clients be the best version of themselves. The process of self discovery enables and empowers them by instilling poise and confidence in them. I understand the uniqueness and individuality of each person and add value to their image with advice on Etiquette, Communication, Appearance and their Digital Presence.

I am a Certified Image Consultant from India’s most reputed Image Consulting and Business Institute with the Conselle Institute of Image Management as their curriculum partner. I also am a certified Soft Skills Trainer accredited by the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) and National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET). Having the above certifications gives me an in-depth understanding of the Art and Science of Personal Styling and Image Management as well as expertise in the softer aspects of Communication, Goal Setting and Etiquette.


My passion is to combine my knowledge from the domains of Image Management and Soft Skills to provide a customised solution for every client that eventually helps them in their personal and professional growth and leads to achievement of their goals. My ability to form an instant connect and my non judgemental, unbiased attitude with my clients is what makes them trust me to assist them on this unique transformational journey of becoming a more authentic and stylish version of themselves.

I have also worked with Corporates like Schneider Electric, State Street Corporation and Antuit by engaging with their customer facing teams and facilitating sessions on Power of First Impressions and even simplifying the much used terms like Executive Presence and Power Dressing.

I have been invited by Educational Institutes like Sheshadaripuram College of Management, ISBR, New Horizon College etc to deliver talks to the management students to help them transition from their campus life into the corporate set up. Apart from this, I am Visiting Faculty at Kautilya Entrepreneurship and Management Institute (KEMI) where I deliver two courses on Business Communication and Personal Branding for the MBA students. I have also been on boarded by the Institute of Product Leadership (IPL) as a Visiting Faculty and Mentor for the cohorts of their Executive MBA Program.

Having worked with individuals and groups from various backgrounds, I can easily say with a lot of confidence that helping people love and accept their true inner selves and my work as an Image Consultant was “The Missing Piece” in my own life. The personal satisfaction I get after successfully working with every single client reinforces that this is my true calling and this is what I was meant to do.


"Over the last few months, my friends and family have noticed a positive change in me and I also feel a lot more confident now when I have to interact with individuals from various backgrounds"…This was shared by one of the students from KEMI's MBA program.

Another participant shared, "My parents always told me to dress a certain way but I never really understood the reason why. After these sessions with you, I now understand the importance of one's physical appearance & how I can present myself appropriately while staying true to my real inner self".



The introspection process is multi-channeled and needs a thorough evaluation. Once we have an understanding, it is then a series of activities to get to the point where one is his true self.

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