The Missing Piece

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

- Rachael Zoe

Personal Branding for Individuals

Are you someone who wants to make not just an impactful long lasting first impression but also want to be seen by others as a credible and trustworthy professional who is an expert in his/her field of work ?

Then the Customised Personal Branding sessions are for you.

Discover your personality traits and core values that make you distinctive from others. Get a reality check in terms of where you are today and together we can come up with a plan of action to help you reach success. Understand your Unique Personal Style and build a functional wardrobe that meets your personal and professional needs. We also will identify and fill in the gaps, if any, in terms of your style of Communication and Etiquette. Last but not the least, we will suggest on how to enhance your digital presence because your digital reputation is equally important.

Wardrobe Consultation

Are you someone who has a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories but every time you have somewhere to go, you feel like you don’t have anything to match the occasion ?

Wardrobe Consultation is the perfect solution for you.

Learn how to Declutter effectively and shop within your closet before heading out to the stores to swipe your card ! Once you own the items that represent only the Authentic you, understand the art of mixing and matching your clothes and using accessories to get creative and wow others every time you step out of the house. Learn how to organize and store your garments and accessories so that you are always aware of every piece that you own and nothing gets forgotten and pushed at the back of the closet !

Art and Science of First Impressions

The sales and marketing teams of any organisation are the ones that come in contact with your clients the most and hence need to make powerful First Impressions that would help in establishing trust and ultimately winning the business of the client.

This workshop enables the teams to

  • Understand the key elements that play a major role in forming first impressions
  • Dress appropriately for client meetings
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Be influential ambassadors for the company
  • Accelerate their work results and influence
  • Build and maintain a positive rapport with the clients

Corporate Image Management

Certain Organizations sometimes face a challenge on how to go about defining the right Dress Code for their employees from various diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Our Corporate Image Management solutions include an in-depth understanding of the vision of the organization and their branding. We then combine this knowledge with our own expertise in appearance management and offer a customised solution in terms of a dress code policy that aligns perfectly with the Brand Image of the company while keeping in mind the comfort of the employees. We also facilitate group sessions for the employees where they are trained on different aspects of Image Management and Etiquette.

Executive Presence

A combination of personal traits and outward behaviors that creates an image of leadership competence and trustworthiness among the peers is what executive presence is all about.

Our group sessions on Executive Presence covers the following..

  • Power Dressing simplified
  • Stand out, get noticed and display authority
  • Be persuasive and influential
  • Communicate effectively and efficiently
  • Build rapport with peers and clients
  • Entertain clients and dignitaries with the right etiquette and ease.

Personal Shopping

Have you recently lost a ton of weight or are someone who is a jetsetter who is too busy to shop for clothes ? Or are you someone who feels that everytime you go shopping for clothes, you end up buying pieces that never get worn ?

Our Personal Shopping Services will help you identify and invest in pieces that not just suit your personality but are also well within your preferred budget. We assist you in investing in the pieces that fit your body and personality which will make you look stylish on the outside and feel confident on the inside.

Campus to Corporate (Education Institutes)

Transitioning from the Campus to Corporate life can be quite a challenge for some students. We ensure that this process is smooth and hassle free for graduates.

  • We facilitate group sessions for the students where they can learn….
  • How to create lasting first impressions
  • How to fine tune their etiquette skills
  • How to refine their communication skills
  • How to dress professionally
  • How to participate and appear confident in group discussions


Ideal for Fashion Brands who want to showcase their products and collections by creating interesting and unusual Images for their clients on various digital and social media platforms. We understand the aesthetic and core values of the brand as well as the story they want to tell via the products and then offer styling solutions that their target audience would relate and connect to as well as appreciate, ultimately leading to increased sales of the said products.